Visa Debit Card

Use your card to make purchases by check without writing one at millions of Visa merchants around the world that accept credit cards. Anywhere you see the Visa logo, your card will be accepted. The amount of your purchase is automatically deducted from your credit union checking account.

Visa logoYour Visa Check Card can be used as a Visa at point of purchase locations (merchants) or as an ATM card. PINs (Personal Identification Numbers) are required for ATM usage, but not at a point of purchase.

Because of our affiliation with the PLUS network, your Monroe County Teachers Federal Credit Union Debit Card works at thousands of locations world-wide. Anywhere the PLUS logo is shown, your card will work.

Contact a member services representative and apply for your Visa Debit Card today.

24 Hour Hotline to Report a Lost or Stolen Debit Card -  (800) 472-3272