Fee Schedule

Effective Date: 1/1/2019

Account History $5.00
Statement Copy $8.00/month
Stop Payment $35.00 
Research Fee – Per Hour $25.00 
Life Investors Ins. Varies  
Dormancy fee   $5.00/month 
Replacement Debit Cards $25.00 
Rush Order Debit Cards $50.00 
No Valid Address   $5.00/month 
Outgoing Wire Fee $20.00
Incoming Wire Fee $15.00
Teller Check Fee $3.00 per check
Returned ACH Loan Payment $35.00
Check Printing (in house) Fee $1.00/per check  
NSF Check Fee (per presentment) $35.00
NSF ACH Fee  (per presentment) $35.00
Transfer from Share to cover Overdraft $2.00
NSF Item Paid over $400 Courtest Limit  $5.00 per item
Check Copy Fee $5.00/check
ATM Transaction Fee Varies   
Loan Processing Fee per borrower)  $35.00
Loan Late Fees      10% of payment amount 
Mtg. Processing Fee (per borrower)  $100.00
Attorney Fees Varies    
Lien Recording Fee  
          Tax Collector Varies 
          MCTFCU Fee $20.00
Documentary Stamps Varies
Mtg. Satisfaction Recording   $10.00  
          MCTFCU Fee $20.00
UCC1 Boat Fee $35.00
          Co-signer $3.00
          MCTFCU Fee $20.00 
Holiday Loan Skip Fee $40.00/per skip